Social Events


Get-together at Rorbua (October 8)

The Norwegian word Rorbu translates to » small house for short term accommodation of fishermen» and originates from northern Norway. The fishermen used these small, timber houses during the main fishing seasons, and they are escpecially abundant in the many fishing villages in Lofoten. Today, these small houses are renovated (most of them) and used as rental cabins for tourists.

«Rorbua» in Tromsø is a local Pub, that was established in 1974 as part of the Radisson Blu hotel and is know for its’s live music and local beer, as well as being the setting for a TV series with music and humoristic stories.

«Rorbua» moved a couple of years ago, and is now in an building next to the hotel, an timber building from 1830 that has been renovated. The old wood has been kept inside and has given the new «Rorbua» a wonderful atmosphere. It has therfore been chosen as a suitable venue for an informal get-togheter on Tuesday evening, for the participants to meet and greet. As well as enjoying something to drink and an afternoon snack.

Please remember to register before going to Rorbua, to recieve the tickets for the event.

Price: Included in the registration fee


Conference Dinner (Thursday 10)

The Conference Dinner will be held at the conference hotel (Radisson Blu).

This is a formal dinner, and the guests will be presented with an Arctic menue. There also will be an award ceremony, where the winner of the WEFTA Award will be announced.

Afterwards there will of course, in true WEFTA spirit, be music and dancing.

Price: 450 NOK


Guided trip to Sommarøy (October 12)

Your day will start with a beautiful guided sightseeing trip to the Island of Sommarøy in a luxury coach. The hour-long trip offers stunning views of the surrounding fjords, mountains and typical Norwegian farm-houses, and your guide will talk about life in the Arctic how people live here. Chances are high you might spot some reindeer on the way.

At the 1 hour trip to Sommarøy, you will see fjords, mountains and farms in a typical northern Norway style. The guide will tell you about the life in the arctic and how it is to live up here. There is also a big possibility to see reindeers at the road to Sommarøy.

A beautiful reception with hot drinks, lunch and a taste of the Arctic on the white beach in front of the local hotel awaits you at Sommarøy. After lunch you can choose between 2 guided tours:

  1. Cultural sightseeing in and around the fishing village.
  2. Trekking to a nearby summit on the island with spectacular views of the North Atlantic and the island of Sommarøy. The summit is about 300 meters above sea level and it is possible for everybody with normal fitness to attend.

Time: 09.00-14.15

Price: NOK 750

This event requires a minimum number of participants. In case of low interest, the payment for the event will be refunded.