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Final program WEFTA 2013

Overview WEFTA 2013

Keynote speakers

Modern fisheries and aquaculture – technologies and sustainability

kjellKjell Ø Midling is director of the National Centre for Capture-based Aquaculture (CBA) at Nofima.

He is a specialist within fisheries and slaughtering methods for farmed fish and has been employed by Nofima since 1988. He is an inventor on patents involving cage constructions (flat-bottom cages for species without a gas-bladder) and feeding system (submerged “intelligent” feeding).

Fish behaviour, fish communication (sound) and fish preferences are important part of his research, whether dealing with gear- or technological developments or studying their behaviour per se. He has been involved in a large number of projects nationally and abroad (Africa, China and Australia) within aquaculture and fisheries varying from fishing gear, live transportation, cages for restitution, slaughter technologies, fish welfare and quality. He has hands-on experiences from commercial fisheries as well as aquaculture industries and has been member of several scientific commissions, including 12 years in the Norwegian Research Council.


Improved utilization of the raw material

ragnarRagnar L Olsen holds a PhD in biochemistry and started off his career within fishery science at Nofima in 1985. He was appointed full-time professor in marine biochemistry at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø, the Arctic University of Norway, in 1998. He has since then also been a scientific adviser at Nofima.

His main areas of research are related to processing of fish, quality of seafood, utilization of by-products and marine lipids. His studies on shrimp by-products have contributed to the establishment of 2 companies which for several years have been selling high-cost products based on such raw materials. Over the years he has supervised more than 50 master students and 15 PhD students. Altogether he has published around 100 scientific papers, including patents.  


Seafood Success stories

trymTrym Eidem Gundersen is the CEO of Salmon Brands AS, the company trading SALMA.

He started his career in Innovation Norway, where he spent four years in the Italian office.  Since then he has gained a broad experience in sales of salmon (Skaarfish), market analysis (ACNielsen) as well as brand building, trade marketing and export marketing for the biggest Norwegian dairy company (TINE).

In 2007, he started as director of sales of Salmon Brands AS and became CEO in 2009.

Gundersen has been in charge of the launch of SALMA in Norway, Sweden and France/Switzerland. Innovation and brand building has been key factors in making SALMA a great success.  SALMA is the leading brand in the fresh fish category in Norway and is considered to be one of the biggest Norwegian food innovations during the last years.