wefta-abstracts-300pxOral presentations

The time available for each speaker is 15 minutes. This means that the presentation should not contain more than approximately 15 slides (1 min/slide).

Presentations should be prepared using PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx format).

Please E-mail your presentation to before October This way we can arrange all presentations in our computer system and have them ready to go as the speakers enter the podium. With more than 50 presentations, it would be most helpful!


Posters should be made in standard poster size 70 x 100 cm (width x height).
The posters must be assembled at the designated spot in the morning, before the first session starts in the morning, the day of your poster session (Wednesday or Thursday). It also has to be disassembled at the end of the day.
We also recommend that you bring a handout version of the poster (A4 format).