Welcome to the 43rd Annual WEFTA Meeting
Tromsø, Norway 9-11 October

Seafood innovations throughout the value chain

This theme will be covered and elaborated through the following five session topics:

  • Modern fisheries and aquaculture – technologies and sustainability
  • Improved utilization of the raw material
  • Objective quality measures – processing and products
  • Value-adding throughout the chain
  • Seafood success stories

Tromsø, Norway’s northernmost University town, located some 400 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, is hosting the 43rd WEFTA Meeting.

A population of 70 000 – of which approx. 10 000 are students, invites you to a lively city centre with numerous shops, international restaurants and cafés, and even great wilderness experiences within the city’s borders.

The WEFTA Meeting will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, within walking distance of most of Tromsø’s attractions.